New Narrative

Literature-specific definitions

Permanent Revolution by Gail Scott

A queer literary movement originating in 1970s San Francisco. It is a response to avant-garde poetry movements (notably, Language Poetry) that advocate for rigorous formal and linguistic experimentation with the aim of eliminating the author and subjectivity from the text. New Narrative embraces this experimentation, applying it to prose, but directs it instead towards the inclusion and representation of queer and other marginalized subjects, who are often omitted or only represented stereotypically. 1 1 Burger, Mary, et al., editors. Biting the Error: Writers Explore Narrative. Coach House, 2004, pp. 25–34. Notable figures include Robert Glück, David Boone, Gail Scott, Dodie Bellamy, Kathy Acker, Kevin Killian, and Gary Indiana.

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