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Permanent Revolution by Gail Scott

A literary genre created by feminists in 1980s Québec. It explores methods of female expression and écriture au féminin (writing in the feminine) that challenge traditional narratives and patriarchal representations of women in literature. Underpinned by the viewpoint of language as inextricably linked to social, political, and gender issues, it holds that challenging social conventions necessarily involves challenging language itself, thereby favouring experimental narrative and linguistic approaches in writing female subjects. 1 1 Bersianik, Louky, et al. Theory, a Sunday. Translated by Erica Weitzman, et al., Belladonna*, 2013. Notable figures include Gail Scott, France Théoret, Nicole Brossard, Louky Bersianik, Louise Cotnoir, and Louise Dupré.

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