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Permanent Revolution by Gail Scott

A conceptual label coined by Scott used to identify herself. It is a response to complex questions about whether a lesbian is a woman, to which Scott’s answer is, “yes and no, or yes or no, in varying degrees.” 1 1 Chau Bradley, H. Felix. “Gathering Language: Permanent Revolution.” Montreal Review of Books, 21 July 2021, mtlreviewofbooks.ca/reviews/permanent-revolution. It reflects in written form what Scott refers to as her “fractured female being” 2 2 Permanent Revolution. p. 95. and the impossibility of creating “unary female characters” 3 3 Permanent Revolution. p. 96. . The splitting of the word into two distinct syllables (Fe- and -male) points to simultaneously being a part of and apart from conventional conceptual gender categories. 4 4 Permanent Revolution. p. 27.

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